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1/10/15 - It has come to my attention that my phone number is being spoofed.

I’ve received dozens of reports of my number being used in automated dialing, aka robocalls. Using a practice known as "caller ID spoofing," callers can deliberately falsify the telephone number and/or name relayed as the Caller ID information to disguise the identity of the calling party.

If you ended up on this page trying to figure out why a Labrador enthusiast was calling you day and night, I promise those calls did not originate here. (Even though the dogs wear perpetually guilty expressions, I am confident that they aren't behind this scam either - if the dogs could master the telephone, they'd be much more likely to call out for pizza.) I’ve been on the receiving end of many of these calls myself and can identify with your aggravation. We are doing everything possible to get this stopped and resolved.

If you have been the recipient of an unwanted call coming from a spoofed number, please gather as much information as you can and file a complaint with the FCC - either online or by calling 888-225-5322.



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